Tips for Running Your Best Boston Marathon

TGIF!  Another training week checked off!  What a week of weather (again!) It snowed twice here in Asheville. Fortunately it didn’t linger unlike the poor souls in the Northeast!


Today I’m hooking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run for the weekly #FridayFive link up. This is a very fun link up and if you have a blog I hope you join in! You can find out more about it here on Courtney’s blog along with a list of upcoming themes.

The theme for today is “Free Friday”. Since I have Boston Marathon on the brain I thought I would share some of my favorite websites I have found with helpful tips for running your best Boston Marathon.

1. Tips for Running  Your First Boston Marathon- MarathonKoach

This is a great site with very helpful information for someone running their first Boston Marathon. It includes tips on where to stay, where to eat, the Expo, what to do while you are in town, and of course race day logistics.


2. 11 Golden Rules for Running a Successful Boston Marathon-

This article includes some great pre-race tips as well as some tips on how to handle the 4 miles of downhill running at the start that can beat  up your quads and if not run smart bust your PR dreams!

3. 10 Tips to Tame the Hills of Boston- Runner’s Connect

Runner’s Connect has many great articles on preparing for and running the Boston Marathon.  This particular article focuses on the hills. Tips include how to incorporate hill training and pylometrics into your routine, getting cozy with your foam roller, drinking tart cherry juice for its anti-inflammatory properties and working on the mental side of running hills.

Boston Marathon Runners


4. Four Key Workouts to Prepare for the Boston Marathon Course- Runner’s Connect

Keeping with the theme of conquering the Newton Hills, Coach Jeff shares some race specific hill workouts.

5. Three Race Day Quirks You Must Prepare for  in the Final Days of Training for the Boston Marathon- Runner’s Connect

Another great article from Coach Jeff, here he shares tips on how to prepare for the mid-morning start time by starting your long runs later in the morning.  Also he covers how to practice pacing so as to not go out too fast at the start of the race especially on the downhill.  One tip I thought was really great was how to train for the weather.  All my training has been in 15-35 degree weather while race day will likely be 40-70 degrees. He suggests dressing to be too warm on your runs in the days leading up to the marathon so to be ready for a warm race day.

* I added these other two websites because they are so valuable and I found it hard to cut them from the list. The first is a video by Coach Luke Humphrey, professional runner with the Hanson’s-Brooks Distance Project. The video is a bit long but worth watching all the way through. He talks about the course mile by mile and at the end he has some great tips about preparing for the weather including the wind. Key take away point:  be patient the first half of the course and you will finish strong.

Running Your Best Boston Marathon- Luke Humphrey

Boston Marathon Pace Calculator- Runner’s Connect- Runner’s Connect

Plug in your race time goal and the calculator will spit out your target pace for each mile of the course taking in to consideration every hill. It will make sure you don’t go out to fast and have enough left in the tank to finish BOSTON STRONG!

Have you run the Boston Marathon? Are you training to qualify for Boston? What tips do you have to share?



9 thoughts on “Tips for Running Your Best Boston Marathon”

  1. Great tips Mary. Wish I had this info when I ran the Boston Marathon in 2011. I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to hear about your experience in Boston. Keep up the great work!

  2. These are such great resources, Mary! Can you believe it’s only SEVEN weeks away?!? Good grief! Where does the time go? Well, we’re running, I guess -ha! You’re going to do so well, I just know it. Thanks for sharing this info and I hope your week is off to a great start!
    Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…Weekend UpdateMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Carl! It is a lot of hard work to qualify. I think consistent training is the biggest key to making it happen. No excuses. Good luck on your BQ at Toronto!

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