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Boston Marathon Training Week 1- Jan 19-25


So my journey to Boston began this week.  It was a much better week of training than last week. I think changing drugs for my belly helped settle that problem down so I have been resting better.


The week ended with a race- The Asheville Hot Chocolate 10k.  Inside I was really dreading it and secretly trying to find a way out of running it.  Given how I’ve been feeling recently during my runs I didn’t think I had it in me to perform well. To put it bluntly, I didn’t want to embarrass myself!

The weather was looking iffy for the weekend and I thought I would be able to use an excuse of ice as a way of getting out of it. No luck. As you can see by the weather radar pick below, the storm parted with snow going north and raining heading south.  Asheville was spared and the race was on!


The Hot Chocolate 10k is one of Asheville’s biggest races.  I think because of it being one of the first races of the year and being a 10k a lot of people come out for it (around 800 runners.) I love it because it’s a great time to see running friends that I haven’t seen since the previous fall races.

My warm up sucked. 3 miles of heavy legs. I was really dreading the race. About 15 minutes before the start I popped a caffeinated GU and did some strides and high knee drills. I was really anxious at the start line. It was then I decided to let go of any goals or expectations and just run the best race I could that day.

The course is an out and back. The first mile is a steep downhill; I had to hold myself back a little. People were passing me left and right. I locked in to about an 8:10 pace for miles 2-4. At the turn around we were met with a brutal headwind.  I asked a guy running next to me if he wanted to take turns drafting. He kind of smirked. I took the lead first. I guess I was too slow for him as he quickly passed me. I tucked in behind him and sat on him for 1/2 a mile.  The pace felt a little slow (8:20) but any time I tried to cut out away from him I was working hard to keep an 8:15. I decided to settle in behind him and relax in the 8:20 pace saving energy for the big climb at the end. A picture is worth a thousand words. You can see the hill on my Strava post. It was a beast. My pace slowed to 11:40!! Everyone around me was walking, I refused.



My finish time was 52:48- a 2:30 course PR and 20sec overall PR! I’ll take it!  The icing on top was Top Grandmaster Female. Awesome swag came with this including the beautiful mug below.  The best part of the day was the lesson learned at the start line.  Some of the best races happen when you just run!


This week of training– (from Zap Fitness Coach Ryan Warrenburg)

Goal 27-32 miles-  31.3 miles

Monday4-5 miles easily with 6 x 20sec strides post run + core- 5@ 10:43.(last mile 10:03-uphill). Early morning. Strides x 6.

Tuesday7-8 miles total; 3 miles easily; light 3 mile progression from 9:00-05 down to 8:40-45 pace; easy cool down- 8miles- 3.5 warm up, 9:00, 8:50, 8:45, 1.5 mile cool down. Ran with a girlfriend who is at same level, same stride and also training for Boston. Nice to do workouts with someone else. Helps the pain pass faster! Beautiful day. Felt good. 

Wednesday- Off + core x20

Thursday4-5 miles easy running- 5miles at 10:18. Early morning run with girlfriends. Felt good.

Friday3-4 miles easily with 6 x 20sec strides post run + core- Cold, rainy. 3.3 miles at 9:48 with strides x 6 plus core work. Good pre-race shakeout. 

Saturday9-10 miles total; 2-3 miles warmup (if its below 40 make sure you go on the longer end); 10k Race; 1 mile easy cool down-Hot Chocolate 10K-10miles total- 3 mile warmup, 1 mile cool down. 35 degrees, 15mph winds. Head wind on back half. Beast of a hill at end. PR 52:40, Grandmaster. 2:30 course PR over 2014. 20sec overall PR. Splits: 7:45, 8:08, 8:10, 8:13, 8:28, (9:40, 9:20.-hill) For a comparison, my splits last year: 7:49, 8:46, 8:39, 8:36, 8:45, 9:53, 9:32.

Sunday– OFF

11 weeks until the Boston Marathon!

How was your week? Did you race?