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Boston Marathon Training Weeks 3 & 4


I’m a bit behind in posting my training for the Boston Marathon! There have been a few life distractions. In my last post I told you I had a couple of skin cancers removed. Well, one of them became infected and I had to start antibiotics. I’m so happy to have completed the course and the wound is looking great.

My back unfortunately continues to give me some fits. I have a couple of trigger points in the right shoulder area that just won’t let go.  My physical therapist has been pounding away at them. It isn’t hampering my training but I’d like for them to be gone!  It was interesting today in our session she decided to work on my diaphragm as she felt it might be limiting my thoracic extension.  It was amazing. After 5 minutes she had me stand up and lean back and I had about 5-10 degrees more extension!  I’m fortunate to have Amira on my team!

Training has been going really well! I ran my first of three 20 milers on February 7th. It was a beautiful day with some great friends.


This past week has been a relatively down week.  Tuesday was a progression workout that I just was not motivated to do!  I also was a little concerned about pushing the effort with a newly diagnosed infection.  My sister-in-law happens to be an infectious disease physician so I turned to her for advice.  Since I did not have a fever and there wasn’t much drainage she felt it would be ok to run.  Not the answer I was looking for!  I really just wanted a decent excuse not to run!  One of the Oiselle Volee’ team members, Allie Bigelow, gave the best advice to just go run a couple of miles and if it felt ok then try the workout.  That was all the nudge I needed.  I nailed the workout and was glad I did it!


This past Saturday I raced a 10k in the middle of my long run. It was a wicked cold and windy day on a hilly course. Despite all that and coming off the 20 miler the week before, I was able to pull off another 10k PR and win 1st place Female Masters! The swag was sweet including a couple of gift certificates and a sweet handmade vase! I think I’m learning how to be better at racing shorter distances. I’m relying less on my watch and going by how I feel. I frequently check in with myself,  “Can I hold this pace for a mile? Can I push a little?”  I surprised myself with my kick at the end at a 6:49 pace.  The stride work post easy runs is working!!


Post race celebration with track club friends
Post race celebration with track club friends

It’s hard for me to post my paces here and on Strava. I run soooo slow on my easy runs relative to others I follow. My race days and PRs remind that I’m doing the right thing by keeping my easy runs and long runs at a pace that I can easily carry a conversation.

Week 3- 43 miles

Monday:  4-5 miles very easily with 6 light 20sec strides post run + core: 5 miles at 10:30 with strides.

Tuesday:  7-8 miles total; 3 miles warmup; 3 x 10min @ 8:55-9:00, 8:47-8:52, and 8:40-45 pace with 2min easy jog btw each; easy cool down post. : 8mi total-(8:58, 8:47, 8:40) felt good. Pretty easy.

Wednesday:  OFF

Thursday:  5-6 miles easy running: 6 @ 10:14. Great run.

Friday:  3-4 miles easily with 6 x 20sec strides post run : 4 at 9:48. Strides are getting quicker. Turnover is snapping. Touched sub-5 for the first time.

Saturday:  19-20 miles relaxed running– 20 miles at 10:20. A great run with girlfriends.

Sunday:  Off

Week 4- 35 miles:

Monday:  4-5 miles very easily with 6 light 20sec strides post run + core:  5 miles at 10:30.  Felt good coming of the 20 miler.

Tuesday:  8-9 miles total; 3 miles easily; 4 mile progression from 9:00-05 down to 8:35-40 pace; easy cool down: 9mi. 15mph head wind. 9:09, 8:52, 8:46, 8:35. This was tough because of the head wind. Half was into the wind, half with the wind at my back. A good workout.

Wednesday:  Off

Thursday:  5-6 miles easy running– 6 miles at 10:09. Felt good.

Friday3-4 miles easily with 6 x 20sec strides post run + core. 4 miles at 10:12.  Strides are consistently getting better.

Saturday:  Off

Sunday:  12-13mi- Frostbite 10K. 3mi warm up, 10k, 3-4mi cool down. 25D, 15mph winds. 11 mi.  Overall female master 51:09! Last 200m I was running 6:49! Bitter cold, windy and hilly. Good race, good workout. Dealing with some back pain. (8:25, 7:53, 8:36, 8:35, 8:42, 8:13, 6:49)


How do you find motivation to get out and run on days that you are just not feeling it?



2014 – A Look at My Year in Running

What a fantastic year 2014 has turned out to be!  12 races including my first marathon, over 1300 miles logged, a trail run with Bart Yasso and I became an ambassador for Oiselle and Nuun! Whew!  Thanks to a great coach (Ryan Warrenberg of Zap Fitness) I had a great year. We started with what seemed to me some lofty goals but I’ve learned though through working with Ryan that if he believes I can do it then I can.  It just takes me having faith and executing as the plan as directed.

Trail run with Bart Yasso!
Trail run with Bart Yasso! I had seen on Twitter that he was coming to my home town. I contacted him and he invited me on a trail run with him and a young woman who had won a Mizuno contest which included Bart as a trail running guide. Such a fun, spontaneous moment in life. Such a nice guy!

Spring training was mainly focused on the half marathon distance. At my first half marathon in Boston in October 2013 my goal was to run a sub-2 hour race. I came in at 1:56. My goal for 2014 was sub-1:55. Training went well and along the way I had some PRs at some 5k and 10k races. I ran my “A” race in March at the  Swamp Rabbit Half and came in with a new PR of 1:52.  A sweet surprise was my coach meeting me at the finish line!

Coach Ryan Warrenberg surprising me at the end of my half marathon.
Coach Ryan Warrenberg surprising me at the end of my half marathon.

With summer came training for my first marathon. I decided to run the Erie Marathon because of its size (2500 runners) and it’s historically high percentage of runners qualifying for Boston. The course is a  beautiful fast and flat 13 mile loop  through Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA. I found it by researching on the website www.marathon guide.com.

Overall training went really well despite the heat and humidity.



In August I headed to Chicago to run the Zooma Half Marathon as a prep race for the marathon. It was my first race as a member of the Oiselle Flock! The race was a part of a 21 mile workout that day (thanks, Coach! Ugh!) Despite the heat and humidity the race went well. It wasn’t a PR but I did get first in age group!

Chilling my legs after running the Zooma Half Marathon in Chicago. It was cold!


The Erie Marathon was in the middle of September. Fortunately the weather cooled off that weekend and the temperature at the starting time was a perfect 50°! I remember at about mile six thinking “What am I doing? This is going to reallly hurt!”  Quitting though at that point was not an option! Things got better and I hung in there. My coach warned me that the pain would start around mile 15 and sure enough it did. My right IT band and right knee kept me from accelerating. I was afraid of making things worse. I was able to hold my  pace and pass people through what I call “the zombie zone” (miles 24-26). My goal time was 3:55. I came pretty close with a 3:58 finish which still qualified me for Boston! image


635479653132746680One of the hardest things during marathon training was sharing with other runners my  goals. When I would tell them it was my first marathon and I was trying to qualify for Boston the eyes would roll. I knew it seemed crazy but I had put off running the marathon until I knew that I could run a qualifying time. My coach believed I could do it so why shouldn’t I believe it, too?  So many tried to dash my dreams. I kept the faith. I knew I could do it and I did! I’ll be running the Boston Marathon in 2015! Lesson learned: surround yourself with people who support you in your pursuit of your dreams.

So my goals for 2015:

1.  Run a sub 1:50 half marathon in New York in March! This is going to be a girls weekend getaway. I’m hoping to also meet up with some Oiselle team members as well.

2. Run a sub 3:55 marathon at Boston! My brother will also be running that day.

3. Run a 23:30 5k this summer.

4. Break the 50min wall on the 10k.

5. Work on increasing my overall strength.

6. Get to know more of my Oiselle flockmates!

7. Coach for Girls on the Run!


What are some of your goals for 2015?