Straight Scoop- Oiselle Spring 16

Recently Oiselle contacted me and asked me to write a review of some of their Spring16 product line. The one caveat was that I had to write an honest, no holding back review- the good, the bad and the ugly.  I gladly took on the challenge!

For those of you new to Oiselle (pronounced  wa-zell) it is a Seattle based women’s running apparel company started in 2007 by Sally Bergesen. Oiselle is French for “bird” and for Sally and the Oiselle team it signifies the strength and freedom that can come from running.

When they contacted me I had no idea what they were sending. I was excited  when I opened the box and found the Mesh Cap, Izumo Short Sleeve top and the Hole Punch Distance Shorts.  So, let’s get down to business!

Oiselle collage

I was really happy to see that they had sent the Mesh Cap.  Since diagnosed with skin cancer last year I rarely leave the house these days without a hat.  I love the Oiselle Super Fly Cap and Fast Cap but find that for me they don’t breathe well in summer.  I guess I’ve got a “hot head!”  The Mesh Cap fits the bill for what I have been hoping to see from Oiselle. It’s cool on the run and wicking. The bungee cord makes it easy to find just the right fit. It can cinch down pretty small and would likely fit a child’s head as well. The bonus feature of this cap is that it folds up pretty small making it easy to stow in a pocket or bag.  Because of the excellent design there is no evidence of creasing after folding the bill. (See picture below.) The only thing I might would change is to make the Oiselle logo a little larger.  This hat gets 5 stars from me!


Next up, the Izumo Short Sleeve Tee.  This is a really comfortable top!  The fabric is super soft and I would describe as mid-weight. Something you could wear down to temps in the mid 40s with arm warmers or solo later in spring. It is dressy enough to wear to work or out for the evening. To be honest, I really wasn’t drawn to the color Bloom when I saw it on-line. Seeing it in person and wearing it, I have fallen in love with it!  The only draw back on this top is the limited sizing: S-M-L.  I hope to see the sizing expanded in the future as I think I would have preferred this in XS.  I included a picture of the Flyte Short Sleeve on top of the Izumo so you can get an idea of how this is a little more generous in size. I would give this top 4.5 stars only because it doesn’t come in XS.


Last up, the Punch Hole Distance Shorts!  I believe these are the best shorts to date that Oiselle has designed.  They’ve taken the long time favorite Distance Shorts and combined it with an amazing lightweight and breathable fabric. Though the fabric has pinholes, combined with the matching liner you really can’t see through them. I had no problems with chafing or sweat stains on my 10 mile run yesterday.  The zippers work great and are easy to open and close while running. And they have all the pockets the classic Distance Short has – one of them being big enough to hold my cellphone.   I’ve been told by my teammate, Erin Templeton, that they perform well in very humid conditions. Sally, I hope to see these in more colors in the future!  5+ stars for these!



Have you had the chance to try any of these?  What are your thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Straight Scoop- Oiselle Spring 16”

  1. I love the Izumo top and have it in Podium Blue. I love it and being on the large size for a runner, I love that the fit is generous (although I also have the shirt you compare it to and love that, as well) but not too baggy. I ordered the Bloom when I saw your pictures posted. As a pale blonde, I wasn’t sure it would work until I saw it on you.,

  2. Man, I’m SO bummed I can’t wear the distance shorts now that the # sizes happened because I want these so bad! I tried two sizes with no luck and sent them back. The fabric is AMAZING though. 🙂 Great review!

    1. Oh, no! Bummer, Paulette! Maybe Sally will come out with a Hole Punch Lori. The fabric really is amazing. I hope we see more product in this fabric! Thanks!

  3. Mary, I love seeing you again on the blog! Also, your dog is beautiful!! All of these look so great on you; I’m glad you’ve enjoyed trying them out. I do not have any hole punch Distance shorts, but the Distance short is definitely one of my faves; I HAVE tried the new Izumo short sleeve top and I LOVE IT! I got the Podium Blue, and I’m considering another; thank you for the recommendation on the Bloom color. Thanks for sharing your thoughts; LOVE THIS!

    1. Tara! Thanks for your encouraging words! It’s good to be back blogging. I think you would really love the Hole Punch Distance shorts for those hot, steamy summer runs. And Bloom really is beautiful!

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