#FridayFive- Five Things About Me

TGIF! Today I’m linking up with EatPrayRunDC, YouSignedUpForWhat? and MarOnTheRun for the #FridayFive. This week’s theme is, “Five Things About Me.”  I had fun digging through old pictures for today’s post. So let’s get to it!

1. I was born in Boston!  My dad was in the Air Force at the time, stationed at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. My growing up years were mainly in Texas (Fort Worth, Abilene and Lubbock.) I later moved back to Boston in my 20s.  My family roots are actually in Boston.  John Winchester came over in the 1600s and squatted land which is now Brookline (at that time called, “the Muddy District.)  In my heart I belong in Boston. It’s in my blood!  Can’t wait to run there this spring!  Love that Muddy Water!

2. I’ve volunteered around the globe for Habitat for Humanity including Costa Rica, Kenya, India and Nepal.  My favorite trip has been to Kenya. It was an all women’s build. After we finished building the homes we spent a few days on safari!

Hauling rock to be crushed to make the foundation for the house.- Kenya
Hauling rock to be crushed to make the foundation for the house.- Kenya
Home dedication-Nepal
Home dedication-Nepal

3. In 2001 some girlfriends and I rode our bicycles across Iowa with RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa). If you love to cycle this should be on your bucket list! About 500 miles over the course of a week with about 10,000 other cyclists!  It is one wild and crazy time!  My motivation each day was to try to find home baked chocolate chip cookies in each of the towns we passed through.

Pancake break! With my best girlfriend, Diane.
Pancake break! With my best girlfriend, Diane.

4. Some girlfriends and I spent a week hiking the Grand Canyon off the North Rim. The first day my pack weighed 60lbs! It was so heavy because we had to bring in water for the first 2 days and stash water for the last day’s hike out. It was an amazing journey.  The Canyon is a magical place.  I highly recommend a trip there and if you are fit enough, do some hiking.  It’s spectacular.

image5. Last tidbit of info about me, I met my husband through Match.com!  Yep!  It was a great experience. Several of my friends have met their spouses through Match as well.

imageSo there you have it!  Now your turn!  Tell me one thing about you.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!  Be blessed!



6 thoughts on “#FridayFive- Five Things About Me”

    1. Pahla, I hope you get that chance to hike the Grand Canyon. As you hike down into it you seem to be traveling back in time. There are Indian burial sites, amazing waterfalls; really spectacular! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  1. I really enjoy your area. We spent time there last spring. I would like to do more hiking and the Grand Canyon looks wonderful. Maybe when my nest is empty…not too far away. I wish you much success with your Boston training!

    1. Asheville is a really special place to visit. One could come multiple times and never be bored or eat at the same restaurant twice. There is so much to do and see in this area! Hope you get to come back soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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