Day 1- Training for the Boston Marathon!

Well today is the kick off day for my training for the Boston Marathon!  5 easy miles this morning with three great girlfriends followed up with post run strides (6x20sec).  These women are my core running group.  I am so thankful to have them!  No flakes in this group!  If they say they are going to show up then I know they will be there- rain, snow, dark, or cold.



Now I know some of you are saying, “What?? You are just now starting your training for Boston?!”  Not really, I’ve been training for months working on my base.  My coach, however, likes to keep training blocks for marathons to 12 weeks.  He finds that training longer than that can be mentally exhausting and people tend to peak before the race.  I know that I’ve got three 3-week blocks each ramping up to a 20+mi run then a 3 week taper to race day!  I’ll be posting weekly updates of the ups and downs of training. Thanks for following along!

So here’s to the crazy ones!  Proud to be a part of that tribe called marathoners!



What race are you training for right now?






One thought on “Day 1- Training for the Boston Marathon!”

  1. Congrats, Mary! You are on your way! I’m getting back to work, post-marathon, in preparation for my second marathon on March 1 – the Little Rock Marathon. I have some shorter races in between, so it should be an interesting training cycle! Keep us posted on your progress; you’re going to have an amazing journey to Boston!!

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